DIGITAL CAMERAThis is little or big Tazor formerly Apollo. My wife got him from the shelter while I was serving in Afghanistan. He is such a joy to have around and he talks to me a lot about daily stuff. Such as more food, more sleep time, less of what he could do for us and more of what we could do for him. I and my wife are so grateful that you let us work at the shelter with you guys. Otherwise we would of never had meet him.

Felix (formerly Galileo)

felixGalileo (now know as Felix) has settled beautifully into our family.  He is such a sweet bunny and loves his new sister, Frannie.  Galileo (Felix) is the bunny on the right in the attached pics.  His sister is Frannie the other white and black lionhead, and his cousin is Neva (the Lionhead in the middle).  Frannie and Felix share a cage and are very sweet to each other.  They are constantly snuggling and grooming each other.   It took about two weeks to transition Felix and Frannie into the same cage and when done very slowly, there was never a problem.  Felix is a wonderful addition to our family and is loved alot.

Thank you for your wonderful care you give these animals.


BluthWe adopted Buddy (formerly known as Bluth) a little over a year ago, the very day we decided to “just look” at dogs. Little did we know, that he would be the puzzle piece we didn’t know we were missing. He loves hiking and rollerblading, but is most excited about any four-legged play dates.  Oh, and we found out, that he is American Foxhound/Akita – determined & stubborn.

Thank you, for all the great work you do!


Michael and Gabriel

michael gabrielWe adopted Gabriel and Michael a few weeks ago, they have made them self  right at home here . I am so very happy we found them . we were unsure at first about 2 cats seeing how we  had 2 at home . but in the end they were brothers and could not leave one behind , beside they so cute we had to take two :) love at first sight.

Thank you again.


nestle nesley

nestle delialaFrom the moment I brought Nestle home in November 2011, he has been the best part of my life.  He’s obedient, fun, friendly, gentle and also fearless.

He’s absolutely wonderful with his ‘big’ sister Delilah and they even share a bed most of the time.  It’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen, and I get to see it every day!

The best part of my day usually involves taking Nestle for our long walk or a trip to the park where he absolutely loves to run after his oh-so-beloved kong ball! Everywhere we go, people compliment him on his great demeanor, great shape, and handsome face.  Some people have even recognized him from the WCHS website!

I didn’t need to wait until December 1st to decide on the future of the pre-adoption — Nestle was totally part of my family and new home in an instant!

WCHS is truly a loving and supportive family, which is so evident in Nestle’s temperament and behavior!  Thank you all again so much for all the hard work you do and all the advice you’ve given me!

Nambu Goto Action (Formerly Daisy)

daisyDaisy is already queen of her new domain.  I renamed her Nambu Goto Action.  She loves the large space and apparently loves to watch the rain.  We have bonded quickly, which was an apparent probability, considering she chose me.  She spends her time sleeping on my lap, back or belly, talking away like there’s no tomorrow, and playing with her cloth mice rampantly.  Good witchy cat for a awesome halloween initiated friendship.  Cool beans! To say that this cat is awesome, is an understatement.  Thanks so much ladies.


Oscar (formerly Roman)

oscar3 oscar2 oscar4 oscar

About a week ago my two boys and I adopted Roman, now named oscar. He is such a sweet loving boy. He is great with the kids everyone he meets and all animals. He is very spoiled already with tons of toys and being snuggled.  He sleeps in my bed and goes and wakes the boys up for school every morning with kisses. The last picture is of Oscar and otto who was also adopted from a different shelter.  They are best friends.
Thank you Windham Humane Society!!

Ida Blue

gsd 2I just spoke to a woman on the phone (I’s starting to look for a good german shepherd mix pup) and after remarking about a most wonderful puppy I picked up from your organization about 20 years ago (holy cow that might be right), she told me to send photos so here is Ida Blue, at the end of her life, her back legs started to go and so I bought a pretty terrific cart and she was so happy the day she could walk (and even run) again through the woods out back behind our house. I have had a few good dogs since but she was really something else, as good and smart and sweet and loyal as a dog can be. Here she is in all her glory (german shepherd/husky/golden retriever mix). Thanks for her and all you do!


scout 1 scout 4 scout 3 scout 2
We’ve had Scout for 3 years now and it still baffles me why he was up for adoption, several times, so I was told. He has given, and received, nothing but love.  WCHS suggested Scout as a match for our German Shepherd, they hit it off immediately and are buddies beyond belief ever since. Thank you!!

Binky (Sunflower)

binky 1binky 3Binky came into WCHS as part of a litter of abandoned kittens. She had a severe eye infection, which required the removal of her left eye. It doesn’t seem to have slowed her down one bit! She quickly stole the hearts of two of our most loyal volunteers, who couldn’t wait to bring her home and spoil her rotten.  Clearly, from these pictures, everyone is happy now!