Planned Giving – Legacy Gifts

A Legacy of Love and Care

Smiley with boy lo resHelping animals even when you no longer share their world
Remembering the plight of abused and abandoned animals by naming the Windham County Humane Society (WCHS) in your will demonstrates a lasting commitment to provide care and shelter for needy animals.

You can designate WCHS as a:

  • Direct beneficiary of specific assets within your estate
  • General beneficiary of a portion or percentage of your estate
  • Contingent beneficiary of assets designated for loved ones should they not survive

To download a printable brochure containing additional information click here.

Your bequest to WCHS can take any of several forms*:

  • Outright bequest: You may bequeath cash, securities, jewelry or any other personal property to WCHS.
  • Devise of real estate: You can bequeath real estate, land or buildings to WCHS.
  • Beneficiary designation: You can name WCHS as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy or bank account.
  • Trust beneficiary: You can name WCHS as either the beneficiary of the income from a trust or beneficiary of a trust at its termination.

(*Note: Non-cash assets will generally be converted to cash.)

Through your caring and thoughtful planning for the future, you are enabling us to continue to help thousands of abused and neglected animals annually. Thank you.

Please contact Marianne Monoc, Director of Development, at for assistance.

WCHS offers this information as a courtesy. Please contact your attorney for professional assistance in preparing and executing all legal documents.