Pearl and Lillee

KK with Peral Life is good Love this couch Morning cuddle break My 4 Girls Sleeping like a log
So our family has very easily and excitedly welcomed the kittens into our home and it’s taken no time at all for them to settle in.
I’ve attached pictures of them from last night and this morning.
Pearl (formerly known as Monkey) and Lillee (formerly known as Inkspot) – have bonded with my daughters already and have made themselves at home!!
Thank you so much for a smooth adoption!!


Rosie – adopted 1 year ago. She is the best dog one could wish for. She has come such a long way in her training and shows her gratitude for having been rescued every day! Rosie and owner are saying hello from Lamoille County.



piper 2piper 3We are so happy we found Piper. Our British cat, Dexter, was so lonely and miserable his first winter in Vermont that he gained tons of weight and just moped around. We visited WCHS and immediately found exactly the right companion to boost his spirits and give him a workout. Piper is definitely a bundle of constantly whirling energy, fun, funny and very loving. She and Dext have a great time together. She loves playing with toys and lounging on top of the cable box. We can’t imagine life without her. She’s a huge personality in a tiny body and we can’t thank you enough for introducing her! Pat & Conrad

Onyx (formerly Vegas)

Hello! We are so happy with our dog Onyx (Vegas) and he is such a sweetheart! I thought I would share a few pics.

432 5


daphneDaphne is well accustomed to her home, and well loved.  All best, Kate


duncanTo the Windham County Humane Society: I adopted Duncan from your shelter about 12.5 years ago. He was a 6 week old beagle-basset hound mix. Thank you for letting me adopt him. I released him to the Rainbow Bridge last Wednesday. Below is my tribute: I met you at the shelter 6 weeks and sweet. Alone in your cell, such tiny feet. I paid the fee to bring you home with me. Years have passed and here we are so fast. Fare thee well my friend, I was with you ’til the end. I released your tired body this afternoon. You should reach the bridge by the shine of the moon. For many many years, you’ve been my buddy and always near. You’ve kissed my nose and slept on my toes. Lots of bones and frosty paws, the love in your eyes I saw. I dream of your days in the sun, having you was so much fun. I slept on the floor with you last night, praying with all my might. That God would give you another year but I knew and I feared. Your time on earth was done. I already miss you tons and tons. Go now and run in the snow and the sun. Just as you did when life begun. I know I will still reach for your supper bowl. Then I will remember my heart is no longer whole. Thank you for all your love and cheer. Know that I remember you clear. When God calls me home, meet me at the gate. We will ride the boat, this time you’re first mate. We will travel the world you and me, in search of the very best treats. We will be together again like before. Duncan, I love you more and more.

Joe Bob

joebobIt’s been almost one year since we adopted Joe Bob and it has been the BEST year! He’s the sweetest, most adorable, loving animal.  He loves to snuggle, be brushed, eat treats, play with the laser pointer, and run laps around the house at 3AM 😉  I’ve included a picture collage to share with you. Thank you so much for rescuing this sweet boy and bringing him into our lives, we are very appreciative of everything you do! Tiffany (& Chase) Stanley


cosmo cosmo 2Cosmo loves to help with teeth brushing and then resting in the sink. He is such an awesome cat with so much personality, we are so happy he is part of our family. Thank- you!!

Squirt (formerly Romeo)

squirtThis is a picture of Squirt (formerly Romeo) who was adopted by me almost 5 years ago.  He is a real piece of work!!!  Very active, smart and a real dear.  He had to have a major operation about 2 years ago (he had a urinary problem that necessitate surgery) but seems to be fine now.  He gives us many laughs with his antics!!! Martha


Just wanted to let you know that my Sato dog that I adopted nearly 17 years ago passed away yesterday afternoon in Apache Junction AZ, about 40 miles south east of Phoenix. He was part of a group that the airlines flew to New England from Puerto Rico back in 1998. He was always a great dog and never had a sink day. He was very active till almost the end. No one could believe that he was that old. I always took special care of him. He got up early yesterday morning around 5:00 AM as he was always the first one up. He ate all his special breakfast and a couple treats. I gave him a big hug before I left for work and he took he usual nap. He was seen outside about 1:30 PM sniffing around the yard. At 2:30 he laid on the back deck in the sun near the pool and just went to sleep. What better way to go on a warm spring day… Wish we could all be so lucky. He will be missed….He had a very good long life…. I still have 4 other rescues, so my home is still full of dog love…  John

sato 1 sato 2
PS: Hard to believe its the same dog.