Kagan, Emma, Abbie, Griffin & Jazz

happy familyI have adopted 4 pets from you – all with happily ever after stories.

I had one dog – Kagan, a black lab. Because of my travel schedule for work, I wanted him to have a companion while I was away (I hire house sitters to keep my dogs company).  Kagan picked Emma at the meet and greet, a German shepherd mix, and they became best buddies.   Emma had a piddle problem, but with lots of patience, dog treats and love, she hardly ever piddles any more.

With what seemed like an increasing mouse population in my house, I thought it would be a good idea to get a cat.  I would not have considered myself a cat person (more a dog person) but I found Abbie, a calico, who is not only an excellent mouser, she showed me I love cats, too!  Emma wanted to be friends with Abbie right away, but Abbie didn’t think so.  She swiped Emma’s nose the first day and drew blood.  With time, though, they became best of friends.  Abbie now follows Emma (and the rest of us) around the yard and rubs up against Emma.

Five years go by – Kagan and Emma are both 10.5 years old and it’s 2012. (Emma was supposed to be younger than Kagan so I had a transition dog, but that’s not who Kagan picked).  I decided I needed a young dog – and that I should get one right away while my older dogs were still very active.  (We walk 3-5 miles almost every day and play lots of ball).  WCHS had puppies!  And best of all they were a black lab/golden retriever mix (my first dog was a golden).  Voila!  Jazz came into our household.  He and Kagan are always snuggling, but they all play well together.  They especially love to play with tennis balls.

My family and friends thought I was nuts to get a third dog and have 4 critters.  So just to convince them that they were correct, I got a second cat – a kitten I named Griffin.  Jazz absolutely adores Griffin.  Griffin loves everyone.

So now my house is overflowing with love and there is hardly any room for me on my couch!

Happily ever after,

p.s. But, really, I am not getting any more critters.  Honest.  I mean it. Today.

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