Neekers (now named “Sneakers”) is a very happy cat!  Our trip home to Boston was blissful.  He made not a peep, and was very comfortable on the ride home.  It was raining, and it was nice to have his company.  He is hanging out in the apartment just downstairs in my house and likes to snooze in a little cubby that happens to have a fluffy blanket inside.  This way, he can hear the dogs, hear us, and have that connection.  He comes up every other day to get used to things.  He is eating 2 x day, has access to fresh water at all times, and is being maintained on Iams (indoor cat formula).  He uses his litter box like a good boy and is the proud owner of a really nice scratching post that he actually lays on  — it’s that big!  He loves it!  We are introducing him carefully to our dogs and it has been, and will continue to be, a controlled situation.  So far, he has established he is TOP DOG!  With a few hisses, the dogs are reading his body language and are very respectful; they just want to be his friend, and they will be, but on HIS terms.  They THINK he has claws; little do they know!  I almost named him “King Tut”!  My hubby is in love with him, as am I.  My husband has a history of allergies, and low and behold – he is NOT allergic to this cat!  He thinks I chose very well!!  We so love him and are very happy he is in our lives.  He has come upstairs and has explored (while the dogs are sleeping in my bedroom).  He likes what he sees.  We have a four-season porch with a table that has a “kitty house” on it – I swear when he was in it, he was smiling. It is a match made in heaven, and I know when he is ready, he will befriend our dogs.  I do have some nice pictures of him that I will send so you can see for yourselves. I just want to say that everyone there is just lovely, and it is heartening to know there are so many people who love animals so much.  My friend, Cherrie, really thought I needed cheering up.  Well, I got cheered up alright. :)  He’s having his introductory visit to our vet this Saturday to say hello and deliver his records. Thank you for taking such good care of the animals in your shelter, and for this beautiful creature.  We love him!!!

neek neek2


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