Just wanted to let you know that my Sato dog that I adopted nearly 17 years ago passed away yesterday afternoon in Apache Junction AZ, about 40 miles south east of Phoenix. He was part of a group that the airlines flew to New England from Puerto Rico back in 1998. He was always a great dog and never had a sink day. He was very active till almost the end. No one could believe that he was that old. I always took special care of him. He got up early yesterday morning around 5:00 AM as he was always the first one up. He ate all his special breakfast and a couple treats. I gave him a big hug before I left for work and he took he usual nap. He was seen outside about 1:30 PM sniffing around the yard. At 2:30 he laid on the back deck in the sun near the pool and just went to sleep. What better way to go on a warm spring day… Wish we could all be so lucky. He will be missed….He had a very good long life…. I still have 4 other rescues, so my home is still full of dog love…  John

sato 1 sato 2
PS: Hard to believe its the same dog.

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