Spay & Neuter Clinics

A Helping HandThe Windham County Humane Society offers low cost spay/neuter clinics for Windham County residents who can not afford to use a veterinary clinic or who are working with stray or un-owned cats. These clinics are held approximately twice a month. To secure an appointment, please fill out the application below, and you will receive information in the mail when you are scheduled.

Need to spay or neuter a dog? We have limited space for dogs. You must apply to VSNIP before applying here. Spay/neuter through VSNIP only costs $27 and your animal will get surgery at a full-service vet clinic.  Submit your application to spay or neuter a dog here only if you are found ineligible for VSNIP.

Requirements: You must be a resident of Windham County, Vermont, and meet our income guidelines, or be working with un-owned cats, to qualify for this program. We use the guidelines set by the state of Vermont to award assistance for child care (click here for guidelines) to determine eligibility. In general, if you receive assistance from the government, or can provide evidence of other financial hardship, you will be eligible.

Costs are as follows:
Dr Sarah White-WCHS CS:N Clinic

Female Dog: $150
Male Dog: $125
Female Cat: $60
Male Cat: $50
Rabbits: $75

All animals can be vaccinated for Rabies and/or Distemper at the time of surgery for $10/vaccine. If you only need vaccines, please attend one of our monthly vaccine clinics.


*Thanks to a grant from the Robin Colson Trust, you may have some or all of this cost waived depending on income.  Please submit an application and you will receive your total cost with your confirmation.

Personal Information


Information on pet(s) to be spayed/neutered

  • Tell us about each of your pets. If you have more than three pets, please email us details about the additional pets that do not fit on this form.
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  • With my acknowledgement, I certify that the information I have given is true. I understand if I am scheduled for a clinic and fail to appear without notice, I forfeit my eligibility for the program. I affirm that I am a resident of Windham County, Vermont.