Joe Bob

joebobIt’s been almost one year since we adopted Joe Bob and it has been the BEST year! He’s the sweetest, most adorable, loving animal.  He loves to snuggle, be brushed, eat treats, play with the laser pointer, and run laps around the house at 3AM 😉  I’ve included a picture collage to share with you. Thank you so much for rescuing this sweet boy and bringing him into our lives, we are very appreciative of everything you do! Tiffany (& Chase) Stanley


cosmo cosmo 2Cosmo loves to help with teeth brushing and then resting in the sink. He is such an awesome cat with so much personality, we are so happy he is part of our family. Thank- you!!

Squirt (formerly Romeo)

squirtThis is a picture of Squirt (formerly Romeo) who was adopted by me almost 5 years ago.  He is a real piece of work!!!  Very active, smart and a real dear.  He had to have a major operation about 2 years ago (he had a urinary problem that necessitate surgery) but seems to be fine now.  He gives us many laughs with his antics!!! Martha


Just wanted to let you know that my Sato dog that I adopted nearly 17 years ago passed away yesterday afternoon in Apache Junction AZ, about 40 miles south east of Phoenix. He was part of a group that the airlines flew to New England from Puerto Rico back in 1998. He was always a great dog and never had a sink day. He was very active till almost the end. No one could believe that he was that old. I always took special care of him. He got up early yesterday morning around 5:00 AM as he was always the first one up. He ate all his special breakfast and a couple treats. I gave him a big hug before I left for work and he took he usual nap. He was seen outside about 1:30 PM sniffing around the yard. At 2:30 he laid on the back deck in the sun near the pool and just went to sleep. What better way to go on a warm spring day… Wish we could all be so lucky. He will be missed….He had a very good long life…. I still have 4 other rescues, so my home is still full of dog love…  John

sato 1 sato 2
PS: Hard to believe its the same dog.

Daphne (formerly Orca)

daphne 2Thank you for making the adoption process so easy and such a joy.  Orca has already taken over the entire household.  We have renamed her Daphne as she is so pretty. She is now known as Darling Daphne. She’s a doll, both our dog Maegan Blue, a black lab, and Bangor, a grey Tabby, are quite pleased to welcome a new family member. That said, Daphne seems to be in complete control…a very confident little kitty. That is in great part due to the love you guys give to the animals in your care. Thank you for the very good work you do. Kate


precpreciousHere are a couple of pictures of Precious. She has a favorite red blanket she wraps herself in, when she gets chilled. She has made herself right to home and we love her so much.


gypsyI wanted to thank the Windham County Humane Society for Gypsy. Best dog we ever had. We adopted her in July 2003 and we had to put her down this past July. For 11 years she brought us immense joy and happiness. Every person deserves an animal that will change their lives, and for me, that was Gypsy. RIP sweet doggy. I love you forever and always.

Ellie (formerly Fiona)

unnamedFirst of all, attached, you will find a few pictures of Ellie in her new home.

I received a call yesterday afternoon regarding Fiona, now Ellie, to see how she is adjusting to her new home and family. My husband, William, and I just wanted to let everyone at WCHS know that she is doing great! Ellie was a bit on the clingy side her first night home (12/4), but that didn’t last too long!

Over the course of the last week, Ellie has made herself comfortable in our bathroom when we are not home. As soon as I get home in the afternoon, Ellie greets me at the bathroom door to play for a little while before deciding it’s time for a nap. Over the last few days, Ellie has expressed interest in exploring around the apartment when we are home, which has not seemed to bother our almost three year old cat, Alice, or our 18 month old dog, Cooper.

Alice and Ellie have introduced themselves to each other without issue. There have been a couple times that Alice has been laying across the floor and Ellie has stuck her nose in her face; Alice lets Ellie sniff her for a bit, and if she gets annoyed, she just walks away.

Cooper and Ellie seem to have bonded quite well, as you can probably tell by looking at the pictures. They frequently nap together on Cooper’s dog bed or a blanket. Ellie is the first cat that Cooper has been introduced to that is smaller than him, and he seems to really enjoy the companionship.

William and I can’t thank you enough for helping us bring Ellie home! We wish you all a safe and happy holiday!



Neekers (now named “Sneakers”) is a very happy cat!  Our trip home to Boston was blissful.  He made not a peep, and was very comfortable on the ride home.  It was raining, and it was nice to have his company.  He is hanging out in the apartment just downstairs in my house and likes to snooze in a little cubby that happens to have a fluffy blanket inside.  This way, he can hear the dogs, hear us, and have that connection.  He comes up every other day to get used to things.  He is eating 2 x day, has access to fresh water at all times, and is being maintained on Iams (indoor cat formula).  He uses his litter box like a good boy and is the proud owner of a really nice scratching post that he actually lays on  — it’s that big!  He loves it!  We are introducing him carefully to our dogs and it has been, and will continue to be, a controlled situation.  So far, he has established he is TOP DOG!  With a few hisses, the dogs are reading his body language and are very respectful; they just want to be his friend, and they will be, but on HIS terms.  They THINK he has claws; little do they know!  I almost named him “King Tut”!  My hubby is in love with him, as am I.  My husband has a history of allergies, and low and behold – he is NOT allergic to this cat!  He thinks I chose very well!!  We so love him and are very happy he is in our lives.  He has come upstairs and has explored (while the dogs are sleeping in my bedroom).  He likes what he sees.  We have a four-season porch with a table that has a “kitty house” on it – I swear when he was in it, he was smiling. It is a match made in heaven, and I know when he is ready, he will befriend our dogs.  I do have some nice pictures of him that I will send so you can see for yourselves. I just want to say that everyone there is just lovely, and it is heartening to know there are so many people who love animals so much.  My friend, Cherrie, really thought I needed cheering up.  Well, I got cheered up alright. :)  He’s having his introductory visit to our vet this Saturday to say hello and deliver his records. Thank you for taking such good care of the animals in your shelter, and for this beautiful creature.  We love him!!!

neek neek2



baileyJust wanted you to know that Bailey has been wonderful for us and he’s getting along great!! We adopted him this summer.