Ida Blue

gsd 2I just spoke to a woman on the phone (I’s starting to look for a good german shepherd mix pup) and after remarking about a most wonderful puppy I picked up from your organization about 20 years ago (holy cow that might be right), she told me to send photos so here is Ida Blue, at the end of her life, her back legs started to go and so I bought a pretty terrific cart and she was so happy the day she could walk (and even run) again through the woods out back behind our house. I have had a few good dogs since but she was really something else, as good and smart and sweet and loyal as a dog can be. Here she is in all her glory (german shepherd/husky/golden retriever mix). Thanks for her and all you do!


scout 1 scout 4 scout 3 scout 2
We’ve had Scout for 3 years now and it still baffles me why he was up for adoption, several times, so I was told. He has given, and received, nothing but love.  WCHS suggested Scout as a match for our German Shepherd, they hit it off immediately and are buddies beyond belief ever since. Thank you!!

Binky (Sunflower)

binky 1binky 3Binky came into WCHS as part of a litter of abandoned kittens. She had a severe eye infection, which required the removal of her left eye. It doesn’t seem to have slowed her down one bit! She quickly stole the hearts of two of our most loyal volunteers, who couldn’t wait to bring her home and spoil her rotten.  Clearly, from these pictures, everyone is happy now!


titus titus2I would like to let you all know that Titus has adjusted so well to our family already! He is perfect! He follows my son around and gives him lots of kiss and he loves to snuggle! He is such a good boy and we were so lucky to have found him! Thank you guys:)